Saturday, 12 December 2015

Is #advertising now a bad habit?

Addicted to a bad habit? Two opposing stats that question the logic and decision making of marketers.

People are increasing their use of online ad blockers, globally. So much so, the increase, year on year, could become exponential in a short space of time. Source.

Yet, global online advertising spend has been increasing and is expected to increase over the next few years. Source. And look at the levels of spend...the table below is in $Billions.

So, in simple terms: People increasingly wish to block advertising; yet businesses continue to invest in advertising. The only winners here are the media and advertising agencies.

Surely, apportioning a percentage of advertising spend to innovation and transformation, to enhance products, offerings and services, would be money better spent? Rather than pumping money into just telling people how great you are; especially as people, through their own actions, are stating they don't wish to be advertised to. Bad habits are hard to break.
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