Monday, 27 January 2014

Beacons: Top 5 Facts & Myths #IoT

Having a bit of a tech background, I thought I'd dive into "Beacons". There appears to be many misconceptions, and most articles focus on how they will revolutionise the retail environment...crossing the virtual and real world. That maybe so, however, it is also worth thinking about other uses, the limit of which know no bounds and is only restricted by the human mind.

It's worth keeping in mind, that the beacons themselves are fairly dumb; they transmit their unique ID, and that's about it....the clever stuff comes with the listening device (typically a smartphone) and what that is connected to (application, database, analytics etc.) The mind then tends to run away with itself on the possibilities....retail:obvious, but medical records; military dog tags; advertising boards; bus stops; car keys; equipment maintenance and servicing; etc. etc.

Exciting times lie ahead.

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