Monday, 3 June 2013

#Velocity: The one book I'd encourage all marketers to read....right now!

If you're a marketer, strategist, planner, creative, whether in an agency or client side, this is a must read book.

In fact, I'd seriously recommend it to some of those senior marketers I've had the great pleasure of working with. The ones who maybe a little too obsessed with ROI models and risk know who you are!

Velocity is a book written for today's fast evolving, multi-channel, marketing world; reminding everyone that it's all about people...and that is something that hasn't and won't change. By Ajaz Ahmed and Stefan Olander, it's written as a conversation between these two chaps, this was something I struggled with in the first few pages, but having stuck with it, it made it very easy to digest.

It's packed full of solid, real-life anecdotes, some really thought provoking quotes and is structured in seven chapters, around the seven new laws they have created. Each has it's own summary at the end, and the titles may not be immediately clear. So for clarity:

  1. A Smith & Wesson beats four aces: Is about changing the game, being disruptive, be the first and be the best.
  2. It's easier done than said: Do and learn, always be in beta, get going and get better.
  3. The best advertising isn't advertising: Make meaningful relationships, create wonder, enrich lives, counting clicks isn't what counts.
  4. Convenience is the enemy of right: Never have anything to apologise for, obsess in the detail, be disciplined and focus.
  5. Respect human nature: Understand people, make things more fun for them, make their lives better, don't be blinded by technology and data.
  6. No good joke survives a committee of six: "Have the balls to make the calls", avoid "groupthink, use simple filters, know when to take control.
  7. Have a purpose larger than yourself: Always play from the heart, worry about wallets later, dream big and then get into the detail, do the right thing.
The final quote in the book, which is so true of today: "The most powerful force in the universe isn't technology, it's imagination" It you can imagine it happening, it can happen. People use technology and ROI as barriers, so they can play safe.

Seriously, if you haven't already, you should read Velocity. Or visit the Velocity website for a much better overview than this post.
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