Thursday, 30 May 2013

So true. An image from Mary Meeker's latest Trends report

Showing my age, but having been to many gigs since the early eighties, many things have changed....including people wearing earplugs. What's the point of that?! Health and safety gone mad.

However, if I recall the best concerts I've been to, they're the ones where the band are able to get the crowd really absorbed in the moment, engage as many senses as possible, and stir the emotions. The ones which stick in my mind Motorhead, Bad Manners, Slipknot, Twisted Sister, and The Fun Lovin' Criminals. You may question my taste in music, and you'd be right to do so, but these gigs pre-dated high penetration of smartphone usage...there were no distractions; no desire to share moments with others not at the gig; or try to impress others that "they were there", just a complete absorption by everyone in the moment.

As an aside, another bi-product of smartphones...we are spend longer on the loo.
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