Saturday, 2 February 2013

#DailyPint: January's top beer & a bunch of reprebates

A lot of people chose to abstain from alcohol, taking part in this odd January "Dryathlon" thing...making not drinking sound like an endurance sport. However, for 2013, I chose the opposite, but in moderation of course. A #DailyPint. A different pint of beer everyday for 2013.

So at the end January, so far so good, and for me there were some stand out favourites, with the best beer I tasted bringing back a flood of memories. Here's my top three:

The clear winner for a number of reasons is "The one and only" Newcastle Brown. As well as the taste, it has been quite some time since I'd drank one, and it took me straight back in time. I instantly recalled a quiet evening, stuck in a broken down Chieftain tank in the middle of the Ooloo going no where fast. In such situations, you should diligently camouflage yourself up; maintain 24hr radio coverage, and ensure 100% vigilance. Which of course our crew of four did, whilst polishing off a crate of Newcastle Brown. There's always room for beer in a tank.

This led me to dig out an old photo of that time, and here it is. I wonder where these good looking fellas are now?  
If Carlsberg did Tank Troops. This is D Squadron Fitter Section, The Queen's Own Hussars, in 1991(a lifetime ago). From l to r: Gruesome, Steve Taylor, Sharpie, Some bloke who thinks he's in a boy band, Geordie Corker, Sooty, Grant Anderson, Mick Orme, Geordie John, Barry Jordan & Wol' The Spaceman.

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