Friday, 13 July 2012

Is Online "Influence" all relative to Justin Bieber? #figaroconference

A spooky and rather unpleasant thing happened yesterday. I presented, on behalf of TBG Digital, at yesterday's Figaro Conference in London, discussing the value of online influence tools to brands (slides at the bottom of this post). All that was good and very enjoyable, but I'm afraid to say that Justin Bieber made an appearance in the deck, due to his perceived levels of influence.

Anyway, one of the front running influence measurement tools (Klout) recalibrated their algorithm a few months ago. The vast majority of scores dropped, and the rumours on the grapevine, rightly or wrongly, were that the recalibration was because of Justin Bieber's continually perfect score of 100. So, there was a lot of discussion about everyone's score actually being relative to Justin....Justin, in fact, maybe perceived to be the epi-centre of the online influence universe.

I have nothing against this chap, apart from his music, and the fact that he is slowly infiltrating my home with random noise and his face appearing on a number of bedroom walls....however, after the conference and discussion yesterday I arrived home to find that a life size cardboard cut out of Justin Bieber had decided to move in on the same day. I'm hoping this is coincidence and not a prank from someone with a warped mind.
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