Thursday, 22 March 2012

#Klout Gaming & Artistry. "Can you see what it is yet?"

So everyone is familiar with Klout...the online influence scoring site that gives your social ego a score out of 100.

But did you know there is a new game you can play with it? It's called "Klout Trolling" and Wired UK first posted about it earlier this month.

I was putting a few slides together for an @econsultancy session around online influence, to find that Klout thought I was a little bit of an authority on Pirates and Disease. The latter I can understand due to spending a bit of time working on the END7 campaign, but Pirates!!! No idea where that came from. Then I found out, thanks to @areshaonline that it was possible to add influential topics to others within Klout by awarding K+ points. And, according to Duncan Geere on Wired UK this is the latest social "craze"(slight exaggeration). So, since then I have awarded people influence points on Donkeys, Mushroom growing and even Typo's, and in return I've become a bit of an authority on Toilet Training.

So...the point of this post...will this craze skew influence scores and segmentation? Brands use Klout to find and offer Perks to"influencers" in specific topics, who have fairly high Klout scores, this may make life a little more difficult for them to reach, who are perceived to be, the right people.

I've also attempted to start another craze, which won't take off, but is just as creative as Trolling. Can you create artwork from your Klout Score Analysis chart? I've worked hard to adjust my score, up and down, to create a real online profile, with a slightly surprised expression. Please see below. Can you do better?

This is some good work by @AreshaOnline. A strong firm jaw, probably sculptured from adding Facebook to the profile....and clearly outranking my own Klout score.

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