Wednesday, 22 February 2012

#wtf is OPRIG or NAKN? A perspective on poor graffiti.

Every morning while walking to work,  I'm presented with the letters "NAKN". As you can see.

Like many people, who are in "routine mode", a lot of things go unnoticed, and it took a few months before I saw the hand painted letters, and probably a couple more for them to even register. Subconsciously, they must have been categorised as bland graffiti and filed away somehwere, but something wasn't quite right, hence it pricked my conscious level. When I took the time to read the letters, it struck me as a very odd thing for a graffiti artist to write; plus the fact the artist's handy work was pretty poor. It certainly wasn't a Banksy.

Then, walking from work back to the station, I'm presented with "OPRIG".  Again, probably a 2 out of 10 for graffiti skills, and definitely the handy work of the same artist. Of course by now, I know what the letters mean, as I walked passed the entire piece of artistry earlier that day. Seeing OPRIG did make me smile and think about different perspectives.

A very cheesey metaphor for encouraging people to look at something from different angles, before they can be entirely sure as to what the full picture is.

The more astute may have worked it out already, but if you're like me, I had to see it full on before I had any inkling of why this budding graffiti artist had taken the time to show his or her handy work to the world.

It's not very exciting, but the full reveal is below.

It reminded me, a little bit of the video where you have to count the basketball passes. See if you get the right answer.

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