Monday, 20 February 2012

What is it with the colour #Blue and implicit click-throughs?

I recently presented the results of some implicit brand association research to a number of different groups and individuals.

Prior to presenting the results I wanted to try and demonstrate its power above and beyond conscious level research. So I asked a number of people what their favourite colour was. The aim of this, regardless of their answer, was to then ask people "Why?". The majority of people could not articulate why, the minority thought they could, but it felt a little post rationalised. My point regarding the power of implicit research compared to conscious level research (surveys, focus groups etc.) was generally a degree. Any doubters were then followed up with "What's your favourite song?"

Anyway, what was really intriguing is all apart from one person, regarding the favourite colour question, answered blue.

At a recent Google event they presented some data around the colours attracting the highest click-through rates...again this was blue. This intrigued me so I carried some further amateur research. Here are some observations:
But here are some practicalities:
  • Blue is a dominant colour and has a wider spread across the spectrum. Statistically meaning it will the most popular choice
  • As for click-through. Google, since its inception over 14 years ago, has always presented its search results with the blue text as the hyperlink to click through.
  • According to the more geeky, html links default to blue.
Therefore, the argument is, the web has programmed people to click on's ended up in our system 1 auto pilot, we've be implicitly trained. The data just confirms this.

So would you click on this link?
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