Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I'm NOT the Mayor of anywhere!!! #SocialMedia

Allegedly, it takes 21 days to break a habit. We're nearly three weeks into 2012 and as I promised myself, I've stopped using some elements of nonsensical social media.

Despite the occasional emails telling me I've been "Ousted", with terms such as "Tragedy" and "Egad", as Mayor from many interesting places, including train stations, cricket grounds and pubs, I've managed to let go. It feels good.

Even the odd "Good News" and "Woot" regarding friend requests have been ignored (apologies).

And like most people who "kick the habit" off some sort or other, I now look on with unsubstantiated smug amusement at those poor souls checking in, vying to become "Mayor". Will they ever learn?!

I appreciate there is irony of this post, as I'm writing about Foursquare, but sometimes you have to talk about it to...move on. [therapy] I'm not a saddo, honest.
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