Tuesday, 31 January 2012

#Google's "Engineering Your Business for Digital Event"

I was invited to Google's "Engineering Your Business for Digital Event" at Google's London HQ. Do you know they have lilos on the ceiling there? Is that a metaphor for something? They even gave me a bottle of Heineken; I was looking forward to hearing about the very latest, insightful stuff, which Google tends to deliver.

I quickly learnt this was actually an IDM gig (#IDMDigital), but that was ok. It was interesting to see a good few IDM tutors are actually fellow colleagues from econsultancy. However, the guest speaker was Richard Hartigan, Industry Manager Technology, Google and he gave a really interesting presentation looking at the last 10 years online. A summary of stats he shared are below:
  • Ebay: "One mobile transaction per second"
  • Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse
  • 2002: Gareth Gates was the most searched for male; Las Kethcup was the biggest song!
  • 2002: Colour by Nokia was new to mobile.
  • 2002 to 2012: Google home page remains the same, but search results are far more visual, location based, commercial, more recent and "more creative"
  • 2011 the world population reached 7bn people; Android activation rate is 3 times faster than the current global birth rate
  • 1 in 4 searches on an Android smartphone are voice searches
  • 1 in 5 searches are from a mobile device
  • Siri Demo "tell me the time of my next meeting" resulted in playing songs by Ronan Keating
  • The "Smart Revolution" makes relevant advertising more complex
  • YouTube is the second biggest search engine
  • Ebay sell 2,000 cars a week via their mobile app
  • Personal opinion: 2002 to 2012 the Blackberry device hasn't changed much!
  • "Mobile is the Key": Watch out for "Google Spots" NFC purchasing, turning your phone into a wallet.... a "Google Wallet"
  • San Francisco banned Yellow pages in 2011
  • 9,000 tweets a second in 2012
  • 4 Elements of Ecommerce Excellence: Attribution, Conversion Econometrics, Multichannel
The last point was really emphasised by Richard, and the fact the Google are passionate about data and they use it, and will continue to use it, to make all their decisions.

And finally...Google data shows the colour blue increases click through significantly. 

However, my personal take is, that the data may be accurate, but isn't the default colour for a hyperlink blue? Anyway, an interesting evening.

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