Monday, 3 October 2011

#BBC v #ITV What's the right approach to Twitter?

Two top quality shows, in my eyes, but which channel has the right approach to Twitter? As you can see by the image above; ITV (Celebrity Juice) invited viewers to communicate on Twitter using the @CelebJuice Twitter id; whereas BBC invite people to communicate using a hashtag.
Some things to consider:
  • These programmes are recorded a couple of days before airing
  • The BBC recognise that using a hashtag for "Have I Got News For You", people can tweet about the show with each other. They've facilitated a conversation.
  • ITV have invited people to follow @CelebJuice and attempt to communicate directly with that Twitter id. For this to work, they need to have someone manage the Twitter account at the time of airing. Conversation is not amongst the viewers, it is directly with @CelebJuice. Many who try, will be disappinted.
BBC win hands down. It maybe wise for ITV to make a slight amend, change @ to #.
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