Wednesday, 8 June 2011 A perfect conversation stimulator

I expect many of you are familiar with, the online utility that enables you to download a document, point it to a feed or even enter the name of a Delicious user and hey presto out pops a nice word which you can edit from a font, layout and colour perspective. It's free, quick and fun.
The output never ceases to surprise and stimulate conversation. In fact, if you ever need to engage an audience during a presentation, especially if they are extremely interested in what is being said about them or their product, running a string of buzz monitoring through wordle is always worthwhile. The context of conversation may not be obvious, but the content is.
Being slightly egotistical, I ran this blog through it to see what popped out, quite ironically "Analogue" came out on top. (Note to self: should have removed "permalink")

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