Monday, 7 March 2011

Trust: The central driver to #SocialMedia behaviour

My previous post discussed @BrianSolis' article around discovering the "me" in social media; aka the EGOsystem (which I think is a great term). Brian placed benevolence at the heart of influencing behaviour, however, for me this is a pre-biased emotion, and promotes positive behaviour. The diagram above shows what I believe to be central, which is Trust. This will stimulate positive and negative emotions and in turn will feed and drive the behaviour of individuals.
This can apply to any stage of consumer brand engagement, from awareness, interest, decision and advocacy. Dependent upon where the "trust barometer" sits for consumers/individuals, will determine the type of communication and actions required of the brand concerned. i.e.  If the consumer is in the "interest" phase and researching their options, the brand who can achieve the more positive levels of trust, may help the consumer to decide to commit to them. Achieving this effectively should be based around an in-depth understanding of the consumers' motivations and beliefs; aligning the brand messaging to these and having, very visible, high degrees of advocacy amongst like minded people.
If this is of any interest to you, and you'd like some more detail, the full article can be found on the econsultancy blog.
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