Thursday, 10 December 2009

Somatica Digital are the Susan Boyle of the econsultancy Innovation Awards 2009

Really, really pleased about the recognition Somatica has been given by the econsultancy. I founded Somatica Digital, at the beginning of April 2009...the agency is still in its nappies (or diapers). However, Somatica was created off the back of a couple of years of fairly significant research around online consumer brand trust; i.e. What are the key dynamics at play which encourage trust to be built between the various parties? Out of this research came our Online Brand Trust Profiling, which analyses all aspects of consumer brand engagement of awareness, consideration, conversion and advocacy. Somatica's ultimate aim is to help consumer brands achieve maximum levels of advocacy amongst their customers. Helping to encourage people to say great things to each other about a brand; to make it easy for them to do so and to do it in the most influential places online, then I believe Somatica has done its job. The brand trust methodology enables the achievement of this with significant degrees of accuracy.

Of course, as the focus is on consumer conversation online, the social web or social media plays a huge part in this engagement approach. Somatica don't claim to be social media guru's (Who in their right mind would?) But they do know a thing or two about online interaction and engagement; this includes consumer and brand and consumer to consumer. So, only eight months old, and I'm really, really pleased that Somatica has been "Highly Commended" in the 2009 econsultancy Innovation Awards, specifically the Customer Insight and Market Research category. The "Highly Commended" position is interpreted as second place (hence the Susan Boyle reference regarding Britain's Got Talent). Many congratulations to Insites ConsultingUK, who won the category.
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