Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Confusion Reigns -econsultancy Online Brand Measurement Roundtable

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend the econsultancy roundtable event, which discussed how to monitor and measure a “brand” online. There were sixteen people in attendance, representing large organisations; agencies, technology providers and individual consultants. The discussion and debate was varied and was stimulated well by the chairmanship of Craig Hanna, econsultancy.

But after two hours of discussion, what was the outcome? Well for me, it was that confusion reigns!! Hooray!! That’s the same for a lot of things, but in this instance there were many crossed wires due to people’s interpretation of terminology; in some cases the desire to promote their own solutions and skills; the continual focus on “channels" as opposed to people; and yet refreshingly some real honesty from the consumer brands themselves.

In some cases, there was some over complication and in others some statements of simplicity which just weren’t accurate.

In summary, it left me feeling that there is still a very long way to go before people can change their mindset as to what the social web really offers. It is not a measurable marketing channel, despite what people claim. It is the ability for brands to listen and to have direct conversations with consumers; and more importantly, for consumers to talk to each other. The latter should be the focus and aiming for advocacy as opposed to conversion has to be the way forward doesn’t it?

Doing good stuff; making yourself accessible and providing a high quality interaction (listening and conversing) in the right mix can only help you achieve a position of advocacy. Right or wrong?
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