Saturday, 18 July 2009

Aviva - The Worst Customer Service Possible

STOP PRESS: Please read the Aviva Case Study on Reputation Management for the full analysis post complaint.
An update on how Aviva and their senior exec's have responded to this letter can be found here.

Anyone who has the misfortune to hold a policy of some sort with Aviva may or may not yet know that their TV advertising has no representation of their actual customer service. If you hold a policy with Aviva and have the need to contact them (in my case to make a simple change in direct debit bank details) you will be presented with a Mission Impossible...please take my advice don't accept it. You'll find yourself talking to voice recognition technology that has a hearing impediment; a call centre with people that offer awkward silences and you have to check whether or not they are still there; 30 minutes plus of horrendous library hold music; and an online portal that presents you with "run time server errors" and when it does work....sends you back to the call centre.

An absolute nightmare. So much so, I felt the need to write to the head of Aviva UK, Andrew Moss to explain the details of my experiences. Accurate, with a hint of humour. You can read the letter in full below and even download it to email to friends, should you be experiencing similar issues.

The final outcome of this experience was my direct debit still wasn't change, so I cancelled my policy. Which will be accompanied by further cancellations when the others comes up for renewal. I don't normally rant, but on this occasion i felt it was the only way to help others considering Aviva or those who have had similar experiences. As of the evening of 22nd July I still haven't heard back.
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